Our Partners and Allies

CSR Partners

Our CSR Partners sponsor the MasterG Breaking Patterns Training Program for the apparel industry.

Fashion Allies

Fashion Allies is our network of fashion brands supporting us in principle, manufacturing with us along with taking Masterclasses for students and partaking in the hiring of female pattern makers.

Employment Allies

Our Employment Allies collaborate by hiring women trained in Breaking Patterns Pedagogy by providing them with dignified professional roles as per their skills, expertise, and interest.

Implementation Partners

Our Implementation Partners partake in providing infrastructure and mobilization to train women or upskill existing program to set up MasterG’s advanced and livelihoods driven Training Program.

Funded by Acumen

““Beyond practical skills, the program teaches the women to think more freely, to create and give voice to their knowledge. Asked regularly for their opinions and their decisions, often for the first time in their lives.....A generation ago, Rajni would likely have lived a life trapped by tradition and poverty, with limited freedom and little ability to support her family financially. Now she has access to a world-class education, a support system, and a steady income.”

Jacqueline Novogratz (CEO, Acumen)

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