Graphic Designer

Requires creative edge to design graphics for use in media products such as campaigns, marketing, advertising and signage. The role requires developing concepts, graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos and websites.

Skills Required
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • UX/UI etc.

Community Architect

One who can drive user acquisition, engagement and retention in the community. Be able to brainstorm on vibrant ideas, solutions to issues that are closest to the members of the community.

You will be responsible for designing the projects and campaigns and their execution at the highest quality.

Skills Required
  • Strategy and Execution
    Participate in new initiatives, defining brand positioning and user acquisition strategy
    Executing all the projects and experiments end-to-end
    Collaborate with community managers and creative team for execution
    Help Creative team in conducting photoshoot and other production requirements
    Executing on-ground events and activities planned by the brand whenever required
  • Content Creation
    Contributing to content strategy for the company
    Ensures brand consistency in marketing and social media messages
    Writing content for all customer communication within the brand and channel guidelines
  • Online Community Management
    Engaging with audience for queries, issues and feedbacks
    Identifying and advising on best practices for MasterG’s social media and campaigns
    Understanding of building and growing diverse communities
    Maintain the online reputation of the company on social media platforms
  • Stakeholder Management
    Plan and execution of contests and challenges for the community


MasterG is looking to hire 3 alumni to work as trainers.

Skills Required
  • 12th Pass

  • Work Experience

  • Good Communication Skills

Video Editor

As a video editor, you’ll manage material such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce a final film or video product. Requires you to use digital software to organize video and sound files into a final product.

Skills Required
  •  Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final CutPro
  • XD
  • Filmora

Data Analyst

As a data analyst you’ll be required to scrutinize information using data analysis tools. To pull meaningful results from the raw data and aid employers and clients make important decisions by identifying various facts and trends.

Skills Required

Technical skills include knowledge of database languages such as SQL, R, or Python; spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets; and data visualization software such as Tableau or Qlik. Mathematical and statistical skills are also valuable to help gather, measure, organize and analyze data.

Business Development Associate/Social Entrepreneur Support Manager

Support business development and foster management and communication strategy. Research based I and implementation of innovative ideas, approaches to disseminate information and learning to project partners and external stakeholders.

Skills Required

• Conceptualize and proposals for potential clients
• Content design for marketing/activist campaigns
• Maintain various company trackers and lead management
• Having a research-based approach towards all dealings
• Acting as contact points for all agency or organizational personnel
• Facilitating meetings and cooperation among people, agencies and organizations
• Collaborating and communicating with necessary constituents and the public
• Support the CEO and Founder in various activities

Curriculum Designer

A passionate individual to work on designing a new age fashion design curriculum for our various branches across India.

Skills Required

• Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design
• Strong technical skills such as flat sketches and pattern making
• Adobe Suite
• MS Office
• Good communication skills
• Language skills: English, Hindi
• Work Experience – 0 – 2 years


Individuals who are passionate teachers and believe in imparting hands-on skills par excellence, to work as trainers at our new centres.

Skills Required

• Good knowledge of pattern making, cutting, and stitching
• 12th Pass
• Work Experience
• Good Communication Skills
• Might involve travel outside Delhi

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